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If you haven't listened to anything from Laynecom Records before and are curious to learn, check the Laynecom Podcast to listen to some of the track in a sort of overview. It will be available by the end of February.

Twothousand and Seven. February. Tenth.

New EPs by Ernie Lame and Xentre. Check the catalog, download, listen, and delete.

Twothousand and Seven. February. Sixth.

The new web site is up. Finally. Enjoy, if you can.


To download the music of Laynecom Records, click or right-click on a track title and listen or save-as. You may use the titles for your listening pleasure but please read and accept the license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 License. This means that you must contact Laynecom Records before using any track for non commercial purposes and concerning attribution questions.

No cover available at the momentlr016. Tenlin Corp. - EP 03. To be released.

  1. EP 03 Track 01.
  2. EP 03 Track 02.
  3. EP 03 Track 03.

Album Quote: ""

No cover available at the momentlr015. Xentre - I Can Feel This. 2007.

  1. I Can Feel This.
  2. I Can Feel This (Genetic Engineering).

Album Quote: "...although I am a synthetic being indeed."

Tracks Coverlr014. Ernie Lame - Tracks. 2006.

  1. Track One.
  2. Track Two.
  3. Track Three.
  4. Track Four.

Album Quote: "...and I thought you were unplugging the instruments in order to increase the authenticity of the music. I was so wrong."

No cover available at the momentlr013. Symoble - Symoble. To be released.

  1. 004.

Album Quote: ""

The Small Day Coverlr012. Arnold Layne - The Small Day. 2006.

  1. Never Connect.
  2. Envelope.
  3. The Way The Sun Leaves Traces in My Eyes.
  4. Femto
  5. Delisio
  6. Qurek 4 (Fuzz Edit).
  7. Red Pull.
  8. The Small Day.

Album Quote: "Sometimes days are so small you don't fit in."

Early LoFi Recordings Coverlr011. Arnold Layne - Early LoFi Recordings. 2003.

  1. The Insert Factory.
  2. Schlechter Untergrund.
  3. Untitled (Reconcstructed Lost Analogue Tape Found In The Cellar).
  4. Bertelsmann, Make My Day.
  5. Eklektro 3.
  6. Untitled (Yellow Undertone).
  7. A Room Full Of Beautiful People (Mittelwelle Mix).
  8. Beispiel 7 (Anachronisiert).
  9. Scrapple.
  10. Postmodern Talking.
  11. Tdifums (System Restart Mix).
  12. Unterwasser Liebe (Nasser Mix).
  13. On A Hot Summer Day, Time Is A Thick Liquid (For The Unskilled DJ Mix).

Album Quote: "Recorded 1995-1999."

Section Minus Coverlr010. Tenlin Corp. - Section Minus. 2002.

  1. Section Minus One.
  2. Section Minus Two.
  3. Section Minus Three.

Album Quote: "Below the surface, old system of tubes and bullets. Some trees."

Temporary Surface Coverlr009. arnoldLayne - Temporary Surface. 2001.

  1. you told me it was summer.
  2. i say.
  3. liquid interior designer part one.
  4. mendachd dubh.
  5. obviousadagio.
  6. Temporary Surface.
  7. liquid interior designer part two.
  8. kdusfgh.
  9. liquid interior designer part three.
  10. to the people talking shit all the time.
  11. liquid interior designer part four.
  12. sonify.
  13. on a shelf under the stairs in the kitchen.

Album Quote: "This album is playable on computers."

Presets Coverlr008. Alexander Sperl - Presets. 2000.

  1. volk2.exe.
  2. Feof Trim.
  3. Ice Host.
  4. Tenken.
  5. Weam Reise.
  6. sumnphase.
  7. laendpf.
  8. Feof Acid.
  9. Schluss 3.
  10. Laut Gnem.

Album Quote: "This has been a very cheap album. It is also a very fast album, using only presets of a cheap synthesizer and never thinking about the consequences. Created in various sessions late at night, no editing."

Wireless Disco Coverlr007. Tenlin Corp. - Wireless Disco. 2000.

  1. Wireless Disco.

Album Quote: "Former only release. Those were the days."

I Wish I Had Something To Say Coverlr006. arnoldLayne - I Wish I Had Something To Say. 1999.

  1. Try.
  2. Core and Surface.
  3. Obvious.

Album Quote: "I wish I had something to say."

Alexander Sperl Coverlr005. Alexander Sperl - Alexander Sperl. 1999.

  1. ra.
  2. rb.
  3. rc.
  4. rd.
  5. re.
  6. rf.
  7. rg.
  8. rh.

Album Quote: ""

More E.P. Coverlr004. Gang Of One - More E.P. 1999.

  1. More.
  2. More (234432256487 Mix).
  3. Pre-Listen Re-Model.

Album Quote: "The only drum and bass E.P. ever released on Laynecom Records leaves a strange taste. It plays with stereotypes of d'n'b but lacks something. Hard to tell what it is."

minuteSongs Coverlr003. arnoldLayne - minuteSongs. 1999.

  1. leben.tar.gz.
  2. untitled.
  3. untitled.
  4. untitled.
  5. untitled.
  6. untitled.
  7. untitled.
  8. untitled.
  9. untitled.
  10. untitled.
  11. untitled.
  12. untitled.
  13. untitled.
  14. untitled.
  15. untitled.
  16. untitled.
  17. untitled.
  18. untitled.
  19. untitled.
  20. untitled.
  21. untitled.
  22. untitled.
  23. untitled.
  24. untitled.
  25. untitled.
  26. untitled.
  27. untitled.
  28. untitled.
  29. untitled.
  30. untitled.
  31. against all the noise (dj friendly mix).

Album Quote: "I have always been fascinated with the way songs ended. Just think of long guitar feedback fadeouts, synths that got too much hall or echo, noises in the background you hardly hear. I wanted to make an album full of minute long endings. Accompanied by two longer pieces that never seem to end or could end faster."

Warranty E.P. Coverlr002. Tenlin Corp. - Warranty E.P. 1999.

  1. Warranty.
  2. Warranty (Corporate Mix).
  3. Blue.

Album Quote: "Patterns and structures, clusters and void. This E.P. is a lo-fi version of a pebble beach."

I Know Nothing Of Architecture Coverlr001. arnoldLayne - I Know Nothing Of Architecture. 1998.

  1. slowres.
  2. super human transplant.
  3. quirl.
  4. konsumverhaltung.
  5. i know nothing of architecture.
    1. drip.
    2. synph - sims - hpnys.
    3. board.
  6. slowres02.
  7. eclectro.
  8. i could easily have my senses recognized.
  9. slowres03.
  10. sunset.

Album Quote: ""


Laynecom Records is a netlabel concerned with form rather than content. Tracks may thus take some time in the making. The aim is to create spaces through sounds and noises that have a unpredictable effect on the listener. Sometimes she or he is rewarded with a melody or a well known snippet of pop cultural history. But the way to that is a long and winding process.

Music made with technological means is always limited to tools. Either you are limited by the timeline and a pre-defined rhythm or you are limited by the sound your synthesizer or effect tool is able to produce, even if you are creating your own synths by using Reaktor or a similar software. However, within that limitation there is a universe of possible combinations. This is something this label is about. Finding a different combination. Rejecting rules of correct processes. Annoying the pretense.

Still you might find a niche of pleasure within the vast spaces of errors.


All music is original, composed and produced by Alexander Sperl. Performed by his PCs and various tools.

The web site has been designed and coded at Dorky Design, of course. Photography by Chris Potter, Australia.

Laynecom Records is located nowhere, but somewhere in Germany. It is a subdivision of Laynecom Defective Industries.

Files are presented in mp3 formats and hosted by